Therapy Services

I offer a variety of counselling and psychotherapy services in my practice.

Counselling typically refers to brief, solution-focussed methods of examining issues. Psychotherapy refers to longer-term more in-depth treatment.

Individual Therapy

I practice a number of different kinds of therapy, but generally use an approach that is referred to as psychodynamic psychotherapy. This is a relational form of therapy that utilizes the therapeutic relationship as a way to understand yourself and the struggles you may be experiencing. This means a good fit between client and therapist is very important and you can expect that this will be a focus in our work together.

I have also trained in a number of other kinds of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focussed and Emotional–Focussed therapy, and draw from them in my work as well.

Couples Therapy

Couples typically come to see me when they feel unable to address or resolve issues on their own. Communication is a central issue for most couples, so we often begin there. It can be very helpful to have a neutral third-party facilitate discussion to encourage both partners to express themselves fully and clearly so they feel understood. While I can't guarantee the outcome for any given relationship, I can ensure a safe and respectful process to explore whatever issues the couple want to discuss.

Family Therapy

When someone in a family experiences difficulty, it tends to affect others in the family. In turn, the family can be the most valuable resource to someone who is struggling. In these situations, family therapy can be quite helpful.

Sometimes the whole family is involved in the sessions; at other times, select members of the family participate. Family members determine what they would like to see change in their relationships, and then we work together towards achieving this.


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